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After Sales Support

We provide new installations of pumps as well as emergency repairs and maintenance services at site to our valued customers through our qualified and trained technicians.

We provide complete warranty/guarantee and after sales support of our pumping machinery to all our valued customers/clients thorough our huge esteemed Department after sale/installation of machinery of period mentioned in work/supply order.

The submersible pump-sets supplied by Mughal Pumps require no part replacement throughout its service life, however one cannot guarantee the well conditions and power supply conditions to be always in live with the recommendation of the manufacturer. All the pump-sets provided by Mughal Pumps are fully serviceable owing to our commitment to provide sustained after sales services. Motors are re-winded with the genuine winding wire sourced from the manufacturers, and rewinding is done according to manufacturer provided stator winding design. After repair the pumps and motors are tested electrically and hydraulically in accordance with manufacturer's guidelines and specifications.

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